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Personal Finance Camp 09/09/2008


PfcToday's job is to make a list of every bank or credit union that you use.  Names, telephone numbers, account number, balances, payment addresses - anything you can think of!  Look at the list and consider if these banks and credit unions are meeting your needs.  Military service members have many choices and are lucky to be able to join numerous credit unions, depending on their location, duty station, and various memberships.  My family belongs to Navy Federal Credit Union (which is now open to all services, yeah!!!!), Pentagon Federal Credit Union, and USAA, which is not a credit union but is very similar.  We find that different products from each organization work the best for us:  we have our savings with USAA, our daily bank accounts with Navy Federal, and a credit card with PenFed.  Check them out, plus your local banks and credit unions, to see which ones will work best for you!

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PayCheck Chronicles

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