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This weekend, I was lucky enough to attend SpouseBUZZ Live, a military spouses' event in Hampton Roads, Virginia.  I was chatting with another military spouse who recommended that put up a link to the Joint Federal Travel Regulations.  That was a great suggestion! They are long, complicated, and often confusing, but the JFTR are the rules that govern many of the allowances that military members receive.  The parent website is the Per Diem, Travel and Transportation Allowance Committee, which also handles BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing, COLA (Cost of Living Allowance), OHA (Overseas Housing Allowance), and Per Diem rates .  If you have questions about any of these subjects, the best place to look is in the JFTR.  I'll be adding the link to my links bar on the left hand side of the page, so you can always look there to find the regulations.  I hope you find it helpful!

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