David Boreanaz Gives Fans a First Look at the Next Season of 'SEAL Team'

David Boreanaz SEAL Team Season 6
David Boreanaz stars in "SEAL Team" Season 6. (Instagram screenshot)

The military drama "SEAL Team" has maintained its popularity even through a move from its broadcast home at the CBS network to its new life as a streaming-only show at Paramount+.

David Boreanaz stars as team leader Jason Hayes, and his social media accounts have become a magnet for fans seeking behind-the-scenes intel about the show. He recently revealed that season six has started production with a post to his Instagram account.

At the conclusion of season five, the team came under attack on a secret mission to Mali, and it's unclear whether everyone survived. We do know that SEAL Clay Spenser (Max Thieriot) took some shrapnel to the eye and then came news that Thieriot would be starring in a new show about California firefighters on CBS this fall.

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The "SEAL Team" crew quickly put out news that Thieriot was set to appear on both shows, but it didn't reveal anything about just how much Spenser we'd get when "SEAL Team" returns. If he didn't survive the Mali battle, he could still appear in flashbacks shot for the new season.

Boreanaz rallies the fans with a caption that reads, "Bravo1 check. All stations check in … Back in." He's looking reflective in that middle-aged television and movie warrior way. Hey, if we can support a 59-year-old guy playing Maverick in the latest "Top Gun," why not a 53-year-old guy leading a SEAL team into combat?

There's no word from Paramount+ about when the next season of "SEAL Team" will stream. CBS has announced that "Fire Country" is set to air on Fridays this fall, so it's hard to figure that Thieriot will be available to put in a lot of time on "SEAL Team."

Clay Spenser did tell Jason Hayes that he planned to leave the team to spend more time with his wife, Stella (Alona Tal) and their baby, Brian. Maybe an injured Clay survives and appears as a recurring character while SEALs Ray Perry (Neil Brown Jr.), Sonny Quinn (A.J. Buckley), Brock Reynolds (Justin Melnick) and Trent Sawyer (Tyler Grey) play a bigger role in the story going forward. Don't be surprised if there's a new SEAL character to replace Clay if Spenser doesn't make it home from Mali.

There's good news for "SEAL Team" fans. Producer and showrunner Spencer Hudnut just signed an overall deal with CBS Studios, the company that makes "SEAL Team." That's a vote of confidence from the studio suits and an indication that they're planning to stay in the SEAL business for some time to come.

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There's been no updates about plans for the "SEAL Team" movie that is slated to run on Paramount+, so it looks like the next season of the show will air before we find out more about that project.

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