David Boreanaz Asks Fans to Help Save ‘SEAL Team’

David Boreanaz stars as Master Chief Jason Hayes on "SEAL Team." (CBS)

Last week, CBS announced a slate of series renewals for the 2021-22 season, and the military drama “SEAL Team” was the most prominent show missing from the list. The good news is that it’s not yet canceled, but the uncertainty is making fans nervous.

David Boreanaz plays team leader Jason Hayes on “SEAL Team” and he’s urged fans to let CBS know that they want another season by taking the renewal campaign to Twitter.

When you’re fighting to save your job and the jobs of hundreds who work on your cast and crew, it’s best to pull out the big guns. Boreanaz has no fear when it comes to shaming CBS, adding a photo of himself visiting an unnamed wounded warrior in the hospital and dropping a bomb made of his own truth: “Real vets are the real heroes behind CBS Seal Team.”

Boreanaz also posted the same photo to Instagram and had a bit more in his caption there. “Lets keep it going @cbstv Thank you to all the fans and veteran's for the support and love for this show. @sealteamcbs #ReNew this show. #NeverOutoftheFight

Apostrophe issues aside, it’s a direct appeal to the actor’s fans to flood CBS television with demands to keep his show on the air. Fan appeals have worked before for shows like “Chuck,” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Friday Night Lights” and “Nashville,” so maybe Boreanaz’s efforts to pressure the network will work.

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“SEAL Team” has been a solid if not spectacularly successful show during its four seasons. Boreanaz has been a consistent presence on network television over the past 25 years with major roles on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Angel” and “Bones.” He’s an actor who’s been expecting a long run with this show.

Since so many real-life SEAL missions are completely top secret with details not made available to inspire our personal entertainment, the series has moved away from relentless action to focus more on how life in special ops takes a toll on personal lives back home.

What has to be particularly frustrating for the “SEAL Team” crew is that CBS already renewed “S.W.A.T.,” a cop show featuring Shemar Moore as a Marine Corps veteran leading Los Angeles’ legendary tactical shooting unit.

“SEAL Team” has a loyal audience, but it’s not an inexpensive show to make. Will fans save the series, or will CBS try something else in its time slot next season? Stay tuned.

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