It’s Time to Check In With the Veteran Mining Team on ‘Gold Rush’

Fred Lewis Gold Rush
Veteran Fred Lewis sets out to start a mining business on season 11 of "Gold Rush." (Discovery Channel)

Discovery Channel's hit series "Gold Rush" is covering a team of veterans led by Fred Lewis as they search for gold in Oregon. This week's new episode will be followed by a special that focuses on the personal stories of the veterans who are making a new start in the show's mining camp.

You can watch the all-military "Gold Rush" special when it debuts on Discovery at 10 p.m. ET/PT Friday. This week's regular episode will air at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Friday as well. All previous seasons of the show are now streaming on the new discovery+ service.

We've got the opening clip from the "Gold Rush" military special to give you an idea of exactly what you're going to see.

We'll learn about the veterans' war injuries, paths to recovery and how each of them decided to join the gold mining team. Those who've been watching all season will be surprised to learn that crewmember Kyle Pletzke was homeless before he became a miner.

Things haven't been going smoothly for the team so far this year. The ground chosen as the mining site has been spotty, and the crew has battled its aging equipment. They've found gold but not yet in the quantities they need for this mission to succeed.

Just like any new team, the men took a while to gel as a unit, and now they're all moving forward together. The other good news is that we see mechanic Mitch Blatshke from Parker's crew stop by their camp during the episode to get all their equipment functioning properly.

By the end of tonight's show, they have everything they need to move forward, and the challenge becomes to locate gold in the ground before the mining season ends.

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