Top 5 Military Videos of the Week

F-35B lands on aircraft carrier

What are the hottest military videos out there? scours the web to bring you our picks every week, as well as featuring the best of our own original videos. Check this page often for the latest and greatest vids.

Top Military Video Picks This Week

1. Bullet Points: EA 18 Growler

In our latest "Bullet Points" episode, we check out the EA 18 Growler. Based on the F/A-18 Super Hornet, the Growler provides an electronic attack platform capable of suppressing ground attack systems. Learn more.

2. Weapon Hunter Tests a Vietnam-Era Rocket Launcher

A Vietnam veteran introduces Weapon Hunter Paul Shull to the M72 LAW shoulder-fired rocket launcher -- a single-use weapon that can penetrate armor as thick as seven inches. For more details, see this Under the Radar post.

3. Top Ten: Care Packages

Valentine's Day may be over, but every day is a good day to send a care package for a service member. Our latest "top ten" video features some recommendations.

4. Saturday Night Live: 'Drill Sergeant'

If you've served, you might have had an experience or two that made you suspect that someone is getting special treatment. In this skit from the most recent "Saturday Night Live," we get a first-hand look at how far nepotism can take you.

5. F-35B Fighter Jet Training: Vertical Landing

How's the F-35B doing these days? Still making vertical landings like a champ, as this video filmed at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan on February 2, 2017 demonstrates.

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