Of Course, the Sequel to the Military Thriller Movie 'Plane' Is Called 'Ship'

Mike Colter Gerard Butler Plane
Mike Colter and Gerard Butler star in "Plane." (Lionsgate)

"Plane" told the story of two veterans, one an airline pilot and one a fugitive who may or may not have committed a murder, who faced off against a revolutionary terrorist cell on a remote island in the Philippines. Gerard Butler ("Has Fallen" movies) starred as Brodie Torrance (the pilot), and Mike Colter ("Luke Cage") played Louis Gaspare (the fugitive).

Like most pictures starring Mr. Butler, the movie was a box-office success around the world and inspired calls for a sequel. That sequel is now set to go into production. Let's revisit the trailer for "Plane."

Knowing exactly how this movie ends shouldn't really ruin any future viewing experience, but if you're concerned about spoilers, you might want to stop reading right now.

At the end of the movie, after the bad guys are vanquished, Capt. Torrance watches Gaspare escape into the jungle and heads back to civilization. Gaspare will try to make his escape alone, and Torrance returns to Hawaii to see his daughter.

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In "Ship," we'll follow Gaspare, the veteran of the French Foreign Legion, as he makes his way through the jungle to the coast and stows away on a cargo ship to South Africa. Colter's character picks the wrong ship, though, and learns that he's on a boat with people caught up in a human trafficking ring. Gaspare found his conscience back on the island, and he's going to have to intervene on behalf of his fellow passengers.

The official plot description reads, "Together with the ship's second mate/navigator, a last-minute addition to the crew who was unaware of its illicit activities, and a passenger with military experience and a bone to pick, Gaspare embarks on a mission to take down the ship's corrupt Captain, keep its innocent passengers safe, and liberate its captives."

So we've got more military characters in movie No. 2. Butler might make a brief cameo appearance in this film, but this one is Colter's movie. Production is scheduled to begin later this year.

If this one's a success, we'll have to see which vehicles star in future sequels. Will we see "Tank"? Maybe it'll be "Train" or "Bus." This series could go on forever.

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