'Burial' Tells a Fictional WWII Story About What Happened to Hitler's Body

Charlotte Vega Burial
Charlotte Vega stars in the WWII thriller "Burial." (IFC Films)

"Burial" is a World War II thriller about a band of Russian troops tasked with delivering Adolf Hitler's body to Joseph Stalin, moving across Germany from Berlin to Moscow while evading local resistance fighters nicknamed "Werewolves."

The movie will open in theaters and be available to rent or buy via VOD (video on demand) on Sept. 2, 2022. We've got a look at the trailer.

"Burial" stars Charlotte Vega ("American Assassin") as the Russian soldier who seems to be leading the mission, and Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy from the "Harry Potter" movies) turns up as a civilian who somehow gets caught up in the mission.

This will be the second movie from British writer/director Ben Parker, whose previous film, "The Chamber," was a claustrophobic thriller about a U.S. special ops team trapping in a sinking submarine off the coast of North Korea. You can watch that one for free via Amazon's Freevee service.

The German army really did create "werewolf" uniformed units to operate behind enemy lines as the Allies made their advance across Germany, and Reich Minister Joseph Goebbels seized on the unit's name to broadcast propaganda that claimed there were active civilian werewolf guerilla units waiting to kill the Allies as they moved closer to Berlin.

Parker was inspired by the werewolf legend and the fact that Soviet troops were the first to reach Hitler's bunker to make up a fictional story about plans to transport the Fuhrer's body so that Stalin could see for himself that Hitler had died.

The trailer shows a difficult mission, but because we're dealing with a purely made-up story here, "Burial" is that rare WWII movie where we won't know the outcome until we actually watch it.

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