WWII Thriller 'Wolf Hound' Features Real Aerial Footage

Wolf Hound
"Wolf Hound" (Lionsgate)

Can't get enough aerial combat? World War II thriller "Wolf Hound" is set to open in select theaters on June 3, 2022. The movie will also be available to buy in Digital format or to rent on demand. A Blu-ray and DVD release will follow on July 17.

James Maslow ("Big Time Rush," "Stars Fell on Alabama") plays an American pilot who gets shot down and stumbles on a German plot to use captured and repaired Allied planes for Trojan horse bombing missions. Can one man stop the Nazi mission?

We've got an exclusive clip that shows Maslow's character, Capt. David Holden, in aerial combat with a German fighter pilot.

    "Wolf Hound" used vintage WWII aircraft for the air combat scenes. Director Michael Chait is making his feature-film debut, but he's had extensive experience with aerial footage in making short documentary films about historic aircraft and one about the Michigan Air National Guard.

    Chait teamed with Craig Hosking as his aerial coordinator and lead pilot, roles Hosking also performed on Christopher Nolan's 2017 WWII movie, "Dunkirk." Along with cinematographer Westley Gathright (who worked with Chait on his earlier airplane documentaries) and aerial director of cinematography Dwayne McClintock, the team set out to capture as much live action footage as possible with minimal use of digital effects.

    The Yankee Air Museum in Belleville, Michigan, provided its bomber plant hangar for location shooting and allowed the production to use its North American B-25 Mitchell bomber and one of only 10 Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bombers still flying.

    "Wolf Hound" may not have enjoyed the nearly unlimited budget or the extensive Pentagon cooperation that the team behind "Top Gun: Maverick" received, but it's a movie that's making the effort to show real planes in the air instead of computer-generated imaginary ones.

    The movie is based on the German special operations unit KG 200, which really did shoot down, repair and fly Allied aircraft as Trojan horses. That fact may tell you something about whether the film's Nazi bombing plot will succeed, but that doesn't mean "Wolf Hound" won't be one of the more interesting military movies of the year.

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