'Foxhole' Tells Combat Stories from Three American Wars

"Foxhole" (Samuel Goldwyn Films)

"Foxhole" tells three combat stories with the same set of actors portraying soldiers in the Civil War, World War I and the Iraq War. As each tale unfolds over 36 hours, we learn that the technology and circumstances may change, but the nature of war stays the same.

"Foxhole" opens in theaters and will be available via VOD to buy or rent at home on May 13, 2022.

Writer/director/producer/editor/composer Jack Fessenden made "Foxhole" when he was just 19 years old. There's a couple of ways to approach that reality. Crusty old men could ask what a teenager could possibly know about war, but there's a case to be made for seeing combat through the eyes of the actual age of the men and women we ask to fight.

We've got a clip from "Foxhole," one that shows the soldiers under attack during the Iraq War in 2004.

    While most of the cast are unknowns, you might recognize James Le Gros in that scene. LeGros has dozens of high-profile movie and television credits in his career, most notably "Point Break," "Ally McBeal," "Zodiac" and "Hunters."

    How does a kid too young to remember 9/11 get to make a war movie? Fessenden is the son of Larry Fessenden, the low-budget horror legend who's acted in, produced, directed and written dozens of movies well known to fans of the genre. However, there are thousands of kids of show-business parents, and almost none of them make a movie like this and get a legit distributor like Samuel Goldwyn Films to release it.


    "Foxhole" was definitely made on a shoestring budget, but it's an ambitious project from a very young filmmaker who's looking to find some honor in service through a lens that explores three very different American wars.

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