‘Nobody’ Sequel Will Continue the Comeback of an Old-Guy Spec Ops Legend

Bob Odenkirk Nobody
Bob Odenkirk stars as spec ops veteran Hutch Mansell in "Nobody." (Universal)

“Nobody,” the movie that made Bob Odenkirk an action star, is slated to get a sequel. Odenkirk shines as Hutch Mansell, a former “auditor” for the top-secret alphabet agencies who decides to leave his operator past behind for a quiet, suburban family life.

“Nobody” was a rare bright spot for theaters struggling to attract moviegoers earlier this year, so exhibitors will be glad to hear that screenwriter Derek Kolstad has started work on the script for a sequel.

Director Ilya Naishuller told movie website JoBlo that he’s looking forward to continuing Hutch’s story if the studio will commit to a second film. "Whether it'll happen, time will tell, but all the necessary seeds have been planted," he said.

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It’s not a spoiler to note that Hutch’s wife, Becca (Connie Nielsen), certainly knew about his past when she married him, even if they’ve kept the secret from their two kids. Since Nielsen kicked ass back when she did a guest arc on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” as Det. Dani Beck, it’s good news to hear that Naishuller would like for her to get in on the action in the sequel.

How do we know Hutch is a veteran? It’s the fearsome playing-card tattoo on his wrist. The two of diamonds and seven of spades are just about the worst deal you can get in Texas hold ‘em poker, and in the movie’s fictional universe, the ink symbolizes a terrifying special ops unit. When the old veteran sees Hutch’s wrist in the tattoo shop, he locks himself in the back room and hopes the other guys in the store aren’t stupid enough to confront the badass with the ink.

While you’re waiting for the second movie, you can check out “Nobody” on home video. It’s just been released on 4K, Blu-ray and DVD to go along with the digital release a few weeks back.

“Nobody” appeals to the old-guy fantasy that everyone’s still got it if the situation requires a man to kick some ass. Odenkirk’s Hutch is joined by his dad (Christopher Lloyd) and his adopted brother, Harry (RZA), for a final showdown with an army of Russian gangsters in a booby-trapped warehouse that seems inspired by “Home Alone.”

Lloyd is 82 now, RZA is 51 with quite a gut and Odenkirk is pushing 60. They all display some wicked moves as they finish off the bad guys. RZA even adapts some of his trademark Shaolin kung fu fighting technique to up-close gunplay.

There’s plenty of the sly humor that Odenkirk has made his stock in trade as a comic sketch actor, but some of his comedy fans will be shocked by the brutality of the fight scenes. He enlisted the stuntmen from 87eleven to train him and choreograph the action, and the results are spectacular. The bus fight scene that sets Hutch on his path to redemption definitely is going to be an action classic.

The home video release is loaded with bonus features that break down the fight scenes and feature commentaries by Odenkirk and Naishuller that are far more entertaining and enlightening than the usual by-the-numbers home video fare.

If you’re wondering what Dad thinks he sees when he looks in the mirror every morning, check out “Nobody” for the final word in the middle-age man’s spec ops fantasy life.

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