Woody Harrelson Set to Star in WWII Drama About Himmler’s Doctor

Woody Harrelson (Admiral Chester Nimitz in the movie) talks to a Navy member at the "Midway" red carpet event at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam on October 20, 2019. (Military.com)

We haven’t seen Woody Harrelson in a movie since he played Adm. Chester Nimitz in 2019’s “Midway.” He’s set to play a very different kind of war hero in “The Man With the Miraculous Hands.”

Based on the true story of Dr. Felix Kersten, the movie will detail the physician’s close relationship with SS leader Heinrich Himmler, who suffered from crippling abdominal pain. Kersten used that access to manipulate his patient and save thousands from deaths in German concentration camps.

Harrelson will be working with director Oren Moverman for a third time. Their first collaboration, the casualty notification drama “The Messenger,” earned Harrelson an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor and director/writer Moverman a nomination for Best Original Screenplay.

They later made the excellent LAPD drama “Rampart,” featuring a screenplay co-written by Moverman and James Ellroy.

The new movie is based on Joseph Kessel's 1960 book “The Man with the Miraculous Hands: The Fantastic Story of Felix Kersten, Himmler’s Private Doctor.” The book made quite an impression when first published, but now its tale probably counts as yet another unknown amazing story from World War II.

Harrelson has been reliably good over the past decade in most anything he has chosen to make, but his work with Moverman stands as his best 21st-century work. No word yet on when filming will begin, so don’t look for this one before late 2022. We’ll have updates on production as soon as they become available.

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