Sean Patrick Flanery’s New Movie Is Basically 'Die Hard’ in a VA Hospital

Sean Patrick Flanery Assault on VA-33
Sean Patrick Flanery stars in the action movie "Assault on VA-33." (Saban Films)

Set your plans now for the April release of "Assault on VA-33," the new Sean Patrick Flanery movie that can only be described as "'Die Hard' in a VA Hospital." The movie opens in theaters April 2 and will be available via Digital and On Demand on April 6.

That's such a great pitch that it's hard to believe that no one's used the idea before. Of course, the real test is always in the execution, but our first look at the trailer suggests that the filmmakers delivered on the premise.

Flanery (most recently seen around here as a Marine fighter in "Born a Champion") stars as Army veteran Jason Hill. He's traipsed down to his local VA hospital for a routine PTSD appointment when terrorists invade the facility to kidnap a retired general. Of course, Hill's wife works there and becomes one of the hostages.

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The cast includes action movie favorites Michael Jai White ("Accident Man") as the cop who realizes that Sean is our only hope and Mark Dacascos (The Chairman from "The Iron Chef," "John Wick 3") as a bad guy with martial arts skills. Nick Cage's son Weston Cage Coppola shows up as the lead terrorist.

Director Christopher Ray is a Navy veteran who was introduced to the movie business by his father, legendary microbudget auteur Fred Olen Ray, who's relentlessly produced well over 100 movies in a 10-year career. Christopher Ray made his bones directing horror and sci-fi movies, and "Assault on VA-33" looks like his most ambitious film to date.

What can an aging veteran do to save the day when a fully militarized police force fails to complete the mission? Kick some ass, kill some terrorists and prove that good, old-fashioned Army instincts can cut through procedure and bureaucracy to take out a threat to American democracy!

Mark your calendars and come by here for a full breakdown once we've all seen the movie.

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