The New WWII Thriller ‘Recon’ Is Hosting Special Screenings for Veterans Day

It's cold up there on the mountain in the WWII thriller "Recon." (Brainstorm Media)

If you're looking for a reason to get out of the house as you celebrate Veterans Day 2020, we've got "Recon," a World War II movie that's showing as a one-night Fathom event in AMC, Cinemark and Regal venues around the country on Tuesday, Nov. 10.

"Recon" follows four American soldiers over the course of a day after they're sent on a possible suicide mission over a mountain. They're led by an old Italian partisan, and no one can be sure of his loyalties. The men witnessed their sergeant kill an Italian civilian just before this assignment, so no one really knows whether they're supposed to succeed or perish.

We've got a first look at the movie's poster.

The movie is the feature debut for writer/director Robert David Port, who won an Oscar for his 2003 documentary short "Twin Towers" about the bravery of two brothers, one a fireman and the other a policeman, on Sept. 11, 2001.

The film stars Alexander Ludwig ("Vikings") and Sam Keeley ("68 Whiskey") as American soldiers and the great Franco Nero (the original "Django" himself, "Die Hard 2," "Django Unchained," "John Wick: Chapter 2") as the old man who leads them on their mission.

Port's screenplay is based on the novel "Peace" by Air Force veteran Richard Bausch. While Richard's enjoyed a storied career as a writer and teacher, he's often confused with his identical twin brother and fellow Air Force veteran Robert, the author of the 1991 novel "Almighty Me" that inspired the Jim Carrey movie "Bruce Almighty." The brothers enlisted together and taught survival tactics to airmen during the Vietnam War. Robert died in 2018.

Fathom Events is the company behind the opera and musical theater events that have long graced our movie houses, as well as the TCM classic movie nights. As theaters have begun to reopen from their pandemic closings, Fathom has been organizing screenings of Hollywood classics like "The Big Chill," "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and "Psycho" to help fill the gap as Hollywood continues to hold back big ticket new releases like "Top Gun: Maverick" and "The Black Widow."

The film is currently scheduled to play on almost 350 screens on Nov. 10, but the presenters are planning to add smaller theater chains to the list and expect 500 on the night of the event.

Each special screening will feature behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the cast and crew. There will be a regular theatrical opening on Friday, Nov. 13.

The trailer should debut soon, and we'll post it along with a link to the theaters showing the movie on Nov. 10.

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