'Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare' Intel Location Guide

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With the release of this year's installment of the Call of Duty franchise, many gamers have been diving deep into the renown multiplayer. Understandably, multiplayer isn't for everyone, and some people prefer the campaign story. Those veterans of the Call of Duty campaigns should be well versed in the one collectible that in present in each game since Modern Warfare: intel. Intel usually serves as a way to help build the world of the game and Advanced Warfare is no different.

There are a total of 45 intel locations in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, with exactly 3 for each of the game's 15 levels. Watch the following video for a comprehensive guide and continue reading for a mission-by-mission breakdown of each location. Note: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS

Mission 1: Induction

1. Following the turret defense section against the robotic drones, you'll enter a curved interior building. Stick to the right wall and go upstairs, turning right on the landing. There's a small bar with a white neon sign. The first intel is on a table in the back corner of the bar.

2. Leaving the subways, you'll move into a Seoul street. At the forking path, there's a restaurant with a sign in white and pink text. Go upstairs, then across to the bar where another set of stairs lead up to the third floor. On the third floor landing you'll find the intel on the floor near the railing.

3. Near the end of the mission you'll need to collect explosives and move toward an aircraft by fighting across a fountain with a waterfall. Walk behind the waterfall to find a small hidden room where intel is on a table.

Mission 2: Atlas

4. At the start of the mission, move down the hall and breach the room. Once you're clear, turn around and return down the hall. It continues left — after finishing the breach, a door will open. Go inside the bedroom and look in the restroom for the intel.

5. Following the vehicle ride tour with Irons, you'll be deposited outside a building. Before going inside for repairs, turn right to get a good look at the closed gate. There's a security station to the right of the gate with another intel inside.

6. Finishing the grenade training, you'll go downstairs into a supply room. At the bottom of the stairs, turn right and look on a shelf to the right of the holographic display where two men are working.

Mission 3: Traffic

7. Following the slow-motion roof breach, move through the building to the large atrium where plants are in the center. Move to the left offices and look for a photo copier next to the window, just in front of the objective wall. Next to that, there's a corner desk with the first intel.

8. Getting off the main streets you'll escape a white machine-gun vehicle and enter an open-air hotel painted up with dark orange bricks beneath egg shell white. Go up the steps to the left just as you enter the building's courtyard. Enter the office down the way to spot two vending machines. At the feet of the machines you'll find a hidden intel.

9. Taking out the technical from behind, your team stacks up near a corrugated wall and prepare to climb up. Don't do it yet, instead look on the wall directly opposite of the climbing objective to spot this intel.

Mission 4: Fission

10. Stepping out of the elevator down inside the ruined facility, turn right then enter the larger room where the "Follow” marker is visible straight ahead. Don't continue yet. Stop and enter the interior windowed room to the right of the main path. Look behind the shelves, near a fallen table next to a glowing blue monitor display.

11. Finishing up the drone control section, you'll need to move through a curved turbine room. Look under the platform between the first and second turbine. The intel is on some generator-looking things.

12. Leaving through the massive open vault door, you'll reach a garage with stairs leading down. Don't go downstairs yet, look on the catwalk to the right and follow the path to a spool of metal with the intel.

Mission 5: Aftermath

13. Falling into the dark basement, you'll need to move down a dark hall and turn right after knifing an enemy. Instead, turn left for the intel.

14. Leaving the school through the fire escape, you'll drop down and spot a modular command building to the left. Go inside and enter the second section office to get the intel

15. Past the section where your team uses a vehicle for cover, you'll enter a ruined interior where an ambush hits you with flash grenades. At the end of this section, you'll be prompted to breach the door. Instead, exit the small hallway and hug the right wall. You'll take a left in an office and along the right wall you'll see the intel on a file cabinet next to a window

Mission 6: Manhunt

16. Inside the safehouse, there's an enemy using a terminal near the balcony door. Put him down, then go outside to find the intel on a bench opposite of a table covered with playing cards.

17. Fighting down the alleys in the middle of the mission, you'll eventually reach an area where the road forks. Between the two roads is a building's door with a blue awning. Take the left path down to find stairs leading up through a door on the left. Look in an open door to the left of exterior stairs. Go upstairs and go through the first door on the right. There's an ammo crate on the bed, and intel on the floor behind the bed.

18. Near the end of the mission where you need to acquire an anti-air missile, leave through the chic white/orange restaurant, sticking to the left boundary of the level, to reach a smaller blue-hued boutique. Behind the register counter is the intel.

Mission 7: Utopia

19. Inside the Atlas building, turn around just as the mission starts and look on the reception desk.

20. During the escape sequence, stay on the ground floor and stick on the left side of the alley. Past the first construction scaffolding, you'll reach a second scaffolding ramp. Look to the left for a curved sign and a door in the corner. Go inside and look on a table in the center.

21. On the rooftops with the automated container shipping railings, walk through the path of the containers. To the left the is a portable bathroom against a windowed room. At the far right of this room you will find the intel up against the window. You will need to shoot out the window to retrieve it

Mission 8: Sentinel

22. Setting the EMP and dropping into the dark structure, move into the office straight ahead and look on the desk to the left. This one is hard to miss. It's just to the left of the objective marker.

23. Inside the large study with the fireplace, Cormack will kill an enemy before stepping up to the wood desk. Look on the counter to the left of the desk objective to find this intel sitting next to some antique-looking firearms on display.

24. Inside the warehouse area, Cormack grapples up onto some crate shelves. Don't grapple up yet, look to the right of the grapple point and crouch to enter the space where an intel collectible is hidden.

Mission 9: Crash

25. Right at the start of the mission you'll need to look in the wrecked crates. Pass the burning airplane engines and look in an alcove formed by several crates forming a general "U” shape with the intel inside.

26. Entering the ice caves, enemies will rappel down onto a high cliff on the right to get a good view of your position. There's a lower rock platform on the right, with the right-most shooter standing next to the intel. It's clearly visible from the cavern entrance.

27. After Gideon pulls you out of the water, look right of him to see the wreckage of a crashed aircraft. On the back-right side of the wreck is where you'll find the intel. It's sitting on blackened snow near the front.

Mission 10: Bio Lab

28. Right as you gain control of your character inside a rickety wooden shack, turn and look left after entering the shack

29. Complete the upload in the facility before moving on to a series of rooms with a scientific fixture in the center. The path splits left and right — enter the room on the right and turn left to find the intel on a cabinet near the interior center windows.

30. Moving upstairs toward the hangar, you'll run past a tree on your left and enter a room with red emergency lights and a locked room behind glass on your right. Smash the glass to jump inside and look on a shelf in the back.

Mission 11: Collapse

31. After escaping the car crash on the bridge, move along the left side until you reach a black four-door car nose to nose with a yellow sporty town cab. Look in the open passenger-side door of the black vehicle to get the intel.

32. When you come to a police vehicle with its front end smashed under the end of a tanker, you should notice a traffic notice billboard to the right of it. Jump onto the top of the tanker's back end, turn around and you may notice the intel on the back of the billboard. You'll need to boost jump to reach it

33. Moving toward the end of the mission, stick to the left side of the bridge and pass a white bus. Across the railing there's a crate with the laptop. It's right before reaching the helicopter parked on the bridge.

Mission 12: Armada

34. On the large ship after setting the two charges, head straight for the burned hole beneath the command tower. Jump in through the hole, where Cormack is waiting, and turn right into the hallway. Reach the main room with the terminals beneath the windows, look directly to the right as you enter to find the intel sitting on the terminals

35. Moving through the hangar catwalks, move down the right metal path to enter a building through the open doorway. Just to the right is a smaller terminal room with the intel inside.

36. On the bridge of the ship, just look on the holographic briefing table in the center before approaching your teammates.

Mission 13: Throttle

37. When you crash and a gunfight begins, move forward and jump onto the raised terrace with glass railings. Move past the green containers to a large black wall. To the right of the wall, past an advertisement sign, is a bench with your intel.

38. Entering a large area with turrets and a white overpass snaking to the left, head down the street to the right instead. Cross the street and go upstairs to reach a modular tent. Don't go into the tent, just go up the stairs, then look up. There's a grapple point on the white building with planters built into different levels. Zip up to that grapple point, then look up and right. Climb up once, then a second and third time to find the intel.

39. Near the end of the level you'll need to kill a heavy soldier in a mech suit then collect an anti-air missile launcher. Don't collect the weapon, instead head a little bit further own the sky-walk and look on the benches to the left. It's about in the center of the bridge.

Mission 14: Captured

40. Moving upstairs and going into the room marked "R4" look for a door past the two surrendering civilians on the right. Go inside and look in the back corner.

41. Pulling open the laboratory doors with Gideon, Gideon takes care of the doctor — look left of the pried open double doors  after opening them to get this intel.

42. After a dramatic rescue, a heavy exo-suit soldier will die. Before you get inside his suit, turn around to find an intel on the desk right behind you.

Mission 15: Terminus

43. Inside the heavy suit, you'll move through darkly yellow-hued hallways. The objective marker points left into a brightly lit hall. Don't go that way, instead continue forward into the dark passage straight ahead. Turn right to find the intel on a counter in the very dark room.

44. Entering the silo chamber, take the first stairs down on the left and go through the double open doorways. This floor is marked "7" — smash the glass, enter the hall and look in the first room on your left.

45. Near the end of the game, you'll have to fight multiple heavy exo-suits before your partner kicks down the locked double doors. He'll turn right and enter futuristic curved hallways marked with "5" — don't go that way. Instead continue straight (or left if you're facing the "5" halls) and grab the last intel in the security office near the window.

You can access the audio recordings on these pieces of intel from the campaign menu, or just be happy that you finally got the achievement/trophy.

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