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One of the largest complaints against Destiny has been its utter lack of in game lore. The Grimoire cards you obtain in game force you to go to bungie.net to actually read what information is on the cards. Even worse, the cards are structured by category which forces you to try and figure out what events go where within the lore of Destiny and in what order. One user on Bungie.net going by the name of Hobbitmaster12 has put together a timeline of events based on the lore within the Grimoire cards and from character dialogue within the game. He states within the forum post that “I made some assumptions about the origins of The Vex, this was speculation based on some evidence found in Grimoire and Dialogues, and may be incorrect. However, the remaining events cataloged in this timeline are accurate to the best of my research.” Here is what the timeline looks like:

  • The Traveler, a sentient A.I. arrives in our solar system and begins terraforming planets, The Traveler creates the Vex to aid in the terraforming process
  • Humanity makes contact with The Traveler on Mars, beginning the Golden Age
  • The Exo are created, based on researching The Traveler
  • The Fallen race is encountered during planetary expansion, and are soundly defeated, in large part due to the use of the Exo in the conflict
  • The Warminds and an interplanetary defense grid is established to aid in deterring any hostile alien threats
  • The now defunct Exo are seeded with consciousness, similar to the Warminds, this was apparently a controversial event
  • The Darkness is detected at the edge of our solar system, complete interplanetary defense responses are enacted, triggering The Collapse
  • At some point a contingent of The Hive arrive in conjunction with The Darkness, presumable led by Crota in lieu of Oryx
  • At some point The Vex are corrupted by The Darkness, transforming planets into machines rather than terraforming them
  • Humanity tries to flee from Earth, starting a mass exodus towards the edge of our solar system, what would now become The Reef
  • The Traveler releases it’s light, shattering and scattering the darkness throughout and away from our solar system. In it’s final moments, The Traveler releases probes to begin repopulating humanity. Caught in the wake of the explosion of light, and the rending of darkness, the humans fleeing earth are transformed into what are now The Awoken.
  • The Hive, cut off and without The Darkness remain active on the moon, building structures and awaiting the reformation of The Darkness
  • The Traveler becomes dormant, losing all functionality as it tries to collect light
  • A fragment of The Darkness remains on Mars and drains the light from the traveler as it attempts to reform
  • The Vex, either by intention or by chance, find a large fragment of The Darkness on Mars and begin to worship and revere it, as well as use it as a source of power.
  • Remnants of The Fallen begin to scavenge and occupy our worlds
  • The first Order of Titans stand guard over survivors as they gather beneath The Traveler
  • The City is founded
  • The City factions vie for control of The City, causing chaos and turmoil on a massive scale, the Faction Wars are ended by an intervention of Guardians
  • The Speaker and The Consensus govern and dictate order within the city
  • The City endures the Battle of the Six Fronts (a battle against The Fallen)
  • The first Order of Hunters is founded
  • The Six Coyotes scout beyond the Cosmodrome
  • The first Order of Warlocks is founded
  • The Vanguard is formed
  • An army of Guardians attempts to reclaim the Moon from The Hive, the losses are catastrophic. Either by intent or by Guardians, Crota becomes dormant on the Moon.
  • Osiris, a Warlock obsessed with The Vex and The Hive, is put on trail for his potential corruption; an unknown battle ensued
  • Osiris is exiled, his fate remains unknown
  • The Fallen, united houses, attempt to take the city in the battle of Twilight Gap
  • Gjallarhorn is forged
  • Future War Cult is granted access to the Tower, they replace the dismantled Concordat, a faction that existed prior to the Battle of Twilight Gap
  • The Crucible is formed, by Lord Shaxx
  • Dredgen Yor is corrupted by the darkness, creating Thorn and The Weapons of Sorrow
  • Thalor, an undefeated gladiatorial guardian, is killed by Dredgen Yor
  • Kabr leads an ill-fated strike team into The Vault of Glass
  • Pahanin Errata gives warning and lessons of Kabr, he is later killed by Dredgen Yor at some undisclosed time after the Battle of Twilight Gap
  • Shin Malphur kills Dredgen Yor
  • The Queen of the Reef deposes the Kell of the House of Wolves, assuming control over the Fallen house
  • A large number of The Fallen are imprisoned within the “Prison of Elders”
  • Toland the Shattered is exiled from the City, due in part to his fascination with the Hive and his experimentation with The Darkness that gives them power
  • Eris and her strike team find Toland and use his knowledge of The Hive in an attempt to infiltrate the Temple of Crota and assassinate Crota while he lies dormant on the moon. All are killed, with the exception of Eris, Toland’s fate remains unknown
  • The Temple of Crota is sealed
  • The Vex, having spread throughout the Solar System are at war with The Cabal Empire; a contingent of the Cabal army pursues The Vex to Mars where they set up the Exclusion Zone, in an attempt to secure the Gate to The Black Garden.
  • The Exo Stranger and her crew arrive in our present time, presumably from a Vex Gate

  • The Exo Stranger, having prior knowledge of the events of our time, witnesses the birth of guardians in an effort to find capable guardians whom might aid her attempts to undermine the rise of The Vex
  • You activate the Last Array, allowing Rasputin, a Warmind remnant on Earth, to connect to colony installations throughout the system (At least on the Moon, Venus, and Mars).
  • You awaken The Hive on the Moon, triggering a resurgence and the opening of the Temple of Crota (potentially this allows Eris to escape)
  • You return a shard of The Traveler from The Hive, it was somehow being used to drain The Traveler of its light
  • You establish contact with the Awoken, opening up relations between the Queen and The City
  • You destroy The Darkness within the Black Garden, allowing The Traveler to draw in light and potentially altering the future
  • Eris, having been hidden among The Hive for years, returns to The Tower forewarning of Crota’s awakening
  • You banish Crota’s Soul
  • You kill Omnigul, the Will of Crota

The one major point of speculation is that the Traveler creates the Vex, whom by the time your character comes into the timeline are one of the major enemies of the game. If this assumption is true, then that would mean that the Vex were corrupted by the Darkness and were not initially evil. This could also possibly mean that the Traveler created the Black Garden IF the Vex were the Gardeners mentioned in the “Legend: The Black Garden” Grimoire card.

Source: Bungie.net

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