Watch This! Battlefield: Hardline Beta

Watch This! Battlefield: Hardline beta.

Good morning, recruits, it's that time again, time for a brand new Watch This! And what better way to kick off the resurgence of this video series than with one of the hottest betas running right now, Battlefield: Hardline!

Be sure to stick with Front Towards Gamer for more Battlefield: Hardline news, videos, and the review when it launches later this year! Watch This apologizes for its long, overwhelming absence, but we will be working diligently to provide tons more content and videos for you in the coming months! In the meantime, check out or other Watch This videos can be found here.

Curtis Stone, writer for Front Towards Gamer, loves video games, they're his life. He's working hard to be a video game journalist. You can find him throughout the internet spreading the word of video games -- he's a veritable 8-bit Moses! Follow him on Twitter @zabu_sa

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