Team Participates in the 8-Bit Salute

Operation Supply Drop and for the 8-Bit Salute. is proud to announce that we are supporting the third annual 8-Bit Salute, a 24-hour video game marathon run by Operation Supply Drop. The marathon directly supports service members by raising money for specialized care packages. For our part in the marathon, editor Stephen Bajza will be playing and live-streaming 24 straight hours of "Titanfall" for the Xbox One on May 17th.

For assistance in completing  the full 24 hours, has the honor of playing alongside a squad of Army Special Forces for the duration of the marathon, as well as various other service members and veterans. Check out our page if you would like to pledge support for Team, Operation Supply Drop, and most importantly, the troops we serve.

Operation Supply Drop, run by Army veteran Stephen Machuca, seeks to better the livelihood of U.S. troops by sending them consoles, video games, and accessories. The 8-Bit Salute raises funds for the organization by encouraging people to do what they love: play games. Participants will each play a game of their choosing for 24 hours; some will attempt it in one chunk, others in segments. All donations go directly to helping Operation Supply Drop reach its goal of raising one million dollars.

While most civilians understand video games as interactive entertainment, many service members and veterans see them as assets to a healthy and stable livelihood. Even if they simply provide a way to fill up a few hours each day, boosting morale is always a serious concern. Because video games provide such a uniquely engaging experience, they provide individuals with a way to forget about the constant struggles and dangers they face.

Machuga himself spoke to Forbes about his experiences upon leaving the service. While not a sufferer of PTSD, video games provided him a way to de-stress and readjust. By allowing himself to explore the world of Azaroth in World Warcraft, Machuga spent less time each day worrying about whether or not there were armed men on rooftops, or if trash on the side of the road contained IEDs.

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