Off-Duty Game News Roundup 3/17/14

3/17/14 Off-Duty Game News Roundup

League of Legends Player Attempts Suicide After Revealing Match Fixing Scandal

The world of professional gaming may be taken lightly in the U.S., but the Korean scene is much more serious. So much so that professional gamer Cheon "Promise" Min-Ki attempted suicide after learning that his manager was fixing matches. Promise's team manager apparently told the group that AHQ sponsored them nearly in full, but it was discovered by the players that he lied about the funds and AHQ only supported them by providing a few pieces of hardware. Their manager planned on harassing his team into losing matches, betting against them, and earning a profit. When caught, he told the players to simply throw more matches, bet against themselves, and leave the professional "League of Legends" scene forever. These young men took their sport to heart, and unfortunately Promise dealt with the situation in a very extreme manner.

Ubisoft Clarifies Assassin's Creed Ending Confusion

The first two games in the Assassin's Creed franchise appeared to be leading to a very final conclusion, but after the ending of "Assassin's Creed III," it became clear that the franchise would continue. Since then, players have been clamoring for answers regarding the direction of Assassin's Creed's story. Last year, "Assassin's Creed IV" game director Ashraf Ismail hinted that the series did in fact have a concrete direction. However, IGN recently met up with Ismail and confronted him about the ending. He replied, "We know what we want to do with the franchise, that's what I meant by it." While there is no clear ending, there is at least a vague direction.

In This War Game You Play as an Innocent Civilian

Military themed games and the survival horror genre could both use some serious innovation. Why not make a game that does both? In 11 Bit Studios new game, "This War of Mine," players control a civilian attempting to survive a warzone. Rather than dominating hordes of faceless enemies, they will scrape, scrimp, and hide just to stay alive. Daytime is used for crafting items, trading, and tending to their group. The night is when players can venture into the city to scrounge for food and other supplies. If the game succeeds, it will hopefully inspire more developers to approach warfare from outside the perspective of a soldier, and leverage something other than monsters to create a sense of fear.

'Stiq Tips: A Titanfall Guide

"Titanfall" is the much-hyped multiplayer darling of the Xbox One and PCs everywhere, but the gameplay may be a bit tricky for new players. Because of the vast gap in abilities between Titans and Pilots, combat can seem strange and frustrating. Fortunately, Joystiq collated a few strong tips for new players so they can get their bearings early. If you're planning on picking up "Titanfall," you should check out the full piece before jumping in.

Dark Souls 2: Helpful Tips for the Recently Cursed

"Dark Souls" was vaunted upon release for punishing players and making them like it. Instead of exploring a rich, bright world filled with hand-holding clues and gentle nudges in the right direction, "Dark Souls" took on a trial by death mantra, and insisted that players learn on their own or die trying. "Dark Souls 2" continues this trend by forcing players to learn things the hard way: by dying repeatedly in order to learn each enemy's techniques and weaknesses. If you're feeling particularly scared off at this point, check out Gaming Blend's "Dark Souls 2" beginners guide.

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