Off-Duty Game News Roundup 1/6/14

01/06/14 Off-Duty Game News Roundup

Snipers confirmed for Titanfall, but quick-scoping and no-scoping are "ineffective"

No-scopers be warned: "Titanfall" will penalize players who try to use snipers as close combat or reflexive weapons. Modern shooters tend to keep similar mechanics for sniper rifles as exist for all other weapons in the game. Even though they usually have a distinct firing rate and one or two other hitches, players often learn how to use them as they might a shotgun. According to Gamespot, a Respawn representative said: "Sniping is in the game, but due to how the game plays it's a pretty different animal than you'll find in your run of the mill modern military shooter. Quick-scoping and no-scoping are ineffective." Some Marvel games have vanished from Steam, PSN, XBL

The world of intellectual property management can be fickle, and the state of Marvel tie-in games has recently proven just that. If you were planning on buying a digital edition of "Deadpool," "Spider-Man: Edge of Time," "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," or others, you are out of luck. These and more have been pulled from Xbox Live, Steam, and PlayStation Network. This is due to a licensing agreement reaching its expiration date, so we're likely to see more Marvel related content from different publishers in the future. PSA: Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics pulled from

Remember the Fallout MMO? Well, Bethesda won out over rival studio Interplay, and the Fallout rights have fallen squarely with the "Fallout 3" developer. One of the ripples of this agreement is the pulling of "Fallout," "Fallout 2," and "Fallout Tactics" from These titles were generating profits for Interplay, and while they were the original developer, the IP rights shift has denied them the right to distribute these titles in the future. In the meantime, gamers can hope that Bethesda puts up the original three Fallout games sometime in the near future.

DayZ Standalone Sells 730,000 Copies

Developers have been saying for years that it's hard for big-budget studios to innovate too much or be truly inventive, so it comes as little surprise that a successful, innovative game like "DayZ" started out small and ballooned into something huge. How big is "DayZ?" Well, it stayed in the Steam top ten list for two weeks in a row, beating out the likes of "Bioshock: Infinite," "X-Com," and "Tomb Raider." While these games have been out for a while now, "DayZ's" popularity cannot be denied, and Gaming Blend predicts it won't be long before it hits the one million mark. "DayZ's" success may serve as a beacon for the potential of emergent gameplay.

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