Off-Duty Game News Roundup - 12/13/13

12/13/13 Off-Duty Game News Roundup

Kotaku Confirms 'Fallout 4' is in Production

Still bummed by the Survivor 2299 hoax? Don't be: "Fallout 4" is real, according to Kotaku. A commenter forwarded several casting documents to the website, and Jason Schreier, the author of the piece, claims that he has verified they're real. Although the name Fallout doesn't appear anywhere in the submission, there are references in the dialogue to places inside the Fallout universe. Aside from a few possible plot points, the only thing Kotaku is fairly sure of is that the game takes place in Boston.

If you don't want anything spoiled, I wouldn't recommend reading the casting docs yourself. Due to the nature of game development, there's no guarantee that any of the content featured on Kotaku will appear in the final version of the game. Although, from the nature of the dialogue it seems as though no major plot points are revealed, only minor characters and quests.

Latest Patch for Xbox One Version of 'Battlefield 4'

Joystiq reports that EA Dice has released a new patch for the Xbox One version of "Battlefield 4." The game has been plagued by numerous glitches since launch, and this latest update reportedly fixes the one-hit-kill bug and "reduces the probability" of saves on single-player campaigns becoming corrupted. This patch comes on the heels of similar updates for the PS4 and PC versions. While it's not unusual for games to receive patches after launch, "Battlefield 4" has been so heavily afflicted that law firm Holzer Holzer & Fistel has launched an investigation to determine whether or not EA misled investors.

Classic Fallout Titles Free on

It's been a great week for fans of the Fallout franchise. "Fallout 3" put the series under a huge spotlight and brought a deluge of new fans, but now everyone has an easy opportunity to play the games that started it all. Destructoid reports that is now offering "Fallout 1," "Fallout 2," and "Fallout Tactics" for free. If you don't want to pay full price, you'd better hurry: the offer ends December 12th, 6 a.m. Pacific time. Each game takes place before "Fallout 3," so you'll be able to enjoy a more complete picture of post-apocalyptia including the origins of the FEV, GECK, and Enclave.

'Sanctum 2' Launches Fourth DLC Pack

"Sanctum 2," a first-person-shooter tower-defense game developed by Coffee Stain Studios, is launching its fourth and final piece of DLC: "The Last Stand." Its listing on Steam offers a new tower, 4 new maps, a new turret, and new weapons like the sticky-bomb launching Smatterband. Currently, players can purchase "Sanctum 2" for $14.99 on Steam or the complete pack for $24.99. If you need to catch a break from gaming's juggernauts this winter, "Sanctum 2" looks like the perfect place to start.

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