Wargame Spotlight: 'Godslayer'


If you're a veteran tabletop player looking for something fresh or a beginner who wants to play something accessible, Megalith Games' "Godslayer: Rise of Legends" is just for you. "Godslayer" is a skirmish based game set in a Bronze Age fantasy world filled with rich and engrossing lore. The game is designed from the ground up to be approachable, intuitive, and quick to play.

The game:

Many traditional elements of tabletop gaming are turned on their heads in "Godslayer" which will be a welcome relief to many a tabletop gamer. One of the biggest innovations in "Godslayer" is the way the turn system is handled -- each player only activates one or two units at a time until everything on the table has used all of its actions. Rather than waiting for your opponent to activate all of his units so you can activate yours, combat is tense, constant, and free-flowing.

Rather than giving each unit a very specific sequence in which they can move, shoot, and use magic, "Godslayer" uses a system involving action tokens. Each unit is assigned a certain number of tokens which are used to take certain actions in any order the player pleases. This allows players an unprecedented level of fluidity in combat.

A lot of tabletop games allow for wipeout scenarios – no matter what you do, some units will completely annihilate another unit. "Godslayer's" gameplay has been refined to deter that from happening. Although some units have a definite advantage over others, there's no guarantee that one squad will wipe out another. Units can also choose to enter combat using different stances which affect how they fight. Instead of consulting dense charts to figure out what you need to roll, all units make opposed rolls and add their base stats which keeps both players engaged throughout the game's duration.

The story:

"Godslayer" takes place in the land of Calydorn. Despite taking place in a Bronze Age analogue, the world of Calydorn is has a very long and storied history. While there aren't many unifying threads throughout the game's background and there are many fantasy tropes familiar to tabletop gamers, Calydorn is a gritty world of gray morality.

There are currently six factions available for play. The Banebrood are a hoard of abominations and monsters with a culture that values strength and anger. The Halodynes were once feared and dominant, but their decadence has brought about their civilizations slow collapse. The Mortans sprawl across Calydorn and their governance is so far-reaching, that its internal politics are complex and fractured. The Nordgaard are a coalition of hardy dwarves and their human allies who value honor and boldness. The Troglodytes are a group of elemental creatures that can reside in any environment. The Wyldfolk are a collection of druids and warriors who value the earth more than the empires of man.

Where to find it:

Megalith Games currently features a free quick-start version of "Godslayer" on their website. If you want to purchase the full game or any of its miniatures and accessories, check out Megalith Games' full online store.

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