Wargame Spotlight: 'Infinity'


Wars don't always feature large armies on sweeping battlefields –  sometimes they're gritty, up close, and secretive. "Infinity" is a game  produced by Corvus Belli that features special operations combat in a futuristic world. Humanity has reached the stars, and each nation is vying for power. The game is played on a skirmish level, so each match is relatively short and doesn't require dozens of minis. If you're looking for sci-fi action that won't take up most of your day, this is definitely worth checking out.

The game:

"Infinity" plays similarly to most tabletop games by using opposed roles and a familiar game sequence. One key difference is that both players act and react in response to each other rather than enduring a traditional turn-based system. During each turn, one player is considered active while the other is  reactive. The active player issues orders which lets models move, shoot, and perform other actions. Orders can be used multiple times on the same model. The  reactive player, on the other hand, gets to react to every command issued by  the active player provided there is a model within line of sight of the acting  model.

Each unit is worth a certain number of points, but there aren't any  strict rules for generating armies. However, Corvus Belli works closely with its  fans and has produced suggested starter  kits of 300 points each. Not only are the suggested sets cheap, anyone who  want to try the game before purchasing the $70 rulebook can check out the free  downloadable "quick  start" rules.

The story:

Since "Infinity" is a skirmish based game, the story revolves around shadowy operatives fighting secret battles rather than all out war. Centuries into the future, humanity has colonized multiple planets with each developing  its own culture, technology, and goals. The dynamic of force projection between  nations and planets hasn't changed much: governments attempt to consolidate power, fringe groups struggle to survive, and most people hear about all this fighting from the comfort of their home.

There are seven different factions to choose from in "Infinity"  including an Asian conglomerate known as the Yu Jing, descendents of French and Scottish colonists known as the Ariadna, a race of robots with mysterious agendas, and a band of aliens clashing with human society. Each has its own distinct aesthetic appeal, personality, and style of play.

Where to find it:

"Infinity" isn't often seen on store shelves. If your local store doesn't carry the game, check out Corvus Belli's own online store for the full range of products.

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