Game Review: Sorcery


What is it about sorcerers' apprentices that attracts so much mayhem? Following in the footsteps of Mickey Mouse in "Fantasia," "Sorcery's" apprentice Finn picks up his master's magic wand and unleashes a whole heap of trouble.

As Finn, you travel through a fantasy world flinging spells at the monsters your magical meddling has helped loose, and using your magic powers to open the way through obstacles in your path.

You do this with a PlayStation Move Motion Controller (similar to Nintendo's Wii Remote) acting as your wand -- flick it forward to throw a bolt of arcade energy, flick sideways to curve those bolts around barriers, or wave it upward to lift a heavy stone pillar out of your way, for example.

You start out with your arcane bolt and a spell that sends stunning shock-waves through the earth at your foes. In short order you will find a defensive shield that will protect Finn from projectiles and allow him to bash through weakened walls. More spells follow, some found in the world, some attained through quaffing potions Finn can make from the various magical ingredients he finds.

The spell-slinging game-play is fairly straightforward, but the motion controls sometimes complicate matters a bit -- trying to aim shots at specific enemies requires flicking the Move in different directions, and shots don't always go where intended, especially when trying to hit elevated foes. Still, for the most part it works pretty well.

The game requires the use of a PlayStation Move paired with a PlayStation Eye camera, which are available separately for a suggested price of $49.99 and $39.99 respectively, or in various bundles with games -- check stores and online for deals.

The game also makes optional use of the PlayStation Move Navigation Controller ($29.99). The standard PS3 controller can handle the same movement functions, if less ergonomically.

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