Game Review: Gotham City Impostors


Warner Bros.

PlayStation 3 (PC, Xbox 360)

$15 (PSN download)

ESRB rating: Teen

Review rating: 3.5 stars

Both of the recent Batman games helped to break a long-running tradition of low-quality super hero games, so Warner Bros. decided to expand the franchise. Who would have known that meant creating a third-person shooter set in the Batman universe that doesn't even feature the Dark Knight? Despite this absurd premise, "Gotham City Imposters" is still fun and exciting.

It's a good thing this title injects humor at every turn because seeing a gang of Batman wannabes fight against a gang of Joker wannabes can't be taken seriously. That's why wacky gadgets like spring shoes and glowing green goggles are so appreciated! I also like the ability to customize my character's appearance because playing as a 400-pound muscle-bound Joker is almost worth the price of the game!

Of course, no TPS is fun without responsive controls, and anyone who's played "Call of Duty" will feel right at home. Both games have a similar fast-paced feel where players die and quickly re-spawn only to die again in spectacular fashion. However, "Gotham City Imposters" breaks free of some of the constraints found in traditional military first-person shooters.

What other shooter lets players equip a cape that propels them into the air when traveling over air vents or give them a grappling hook that helps them ascend to otherwise unreachable areas? "Team Fortress 2" comes to mind, but that game is outdated and not nearly as humorous. To quote the Joker: "Where does he get those wonderful toys?"

It's too bad that there are only three gaming modes and a handful of maps, but additional downloadable content has recently been released. I'm also not crazy about letting players buy items through micro-transactions instead of earning them, but it's hilarious to school newbies donning elite gear.

"Gotham City Imposters" isn't nearly as enjoyable as the recent Batman games, but it's still quite charming in its own way.

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