EXCERPT: SEAL Goes Rogue for a Hero President in Jack Carr's Latest 'Terminal List' Sequel

Jack Carr Devil's Hand
Author Jack Carr during his service as a Navy SEAL and the cover of his novel "The Devil's Hand." (Atria/Emily Bestler Books)

Former SEAL and current best-selling military thriller author Jack Carr is set to release “The Devil’s Hand,” the fourth novel in his James Reece series, on April 13. We’ve got an excerpt from the book that sets up an important new relationship in the Reece universe.

SEAL James Reece made a huge splash back in 2018 with “The Terminal List,” a revenge thriller in which our hero tracks down those responsible for the murder of his family. The novel is the inspiration for an upcoming Amazon series starring Chris Pratt.

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Carr continued Reece’s story in “True Believer” (2019) and “Savage Son” (2020). Both novels stand on their own, but “The Devil’s Hand” is truly the sequel that Reece fans have been waiting for.

The big story here is a bioweapon that’s designed to trick the U.S. government into believing it’s facing a pandemic that requires it to bomb American cities to stop the plague.

There’s also an important new character. New President Alec Christensen lost his fiancée when the planes hit the Twin Towers on 9/11. He quit his Wall Street job, joined the Army and served with the 10th Mountain Division in Afghanistan.

An IED ended his combat career, and Christensen returned home to write a bestselling book about fathers and sons who served. He entered politics as a Democrat and was a surprise winner in the 2020 presidential election.

The big secret is that Christensen wanted to be president for one reason: He believed that there were 9/11 conspirators who had not yet been called to answer for their attack on the USA and the murder of his one true love.

The war hero and politician wants to use the most powerful office in the world to settle scores and extract revenge.

In our excerpt from “The Devil’s Hand,” President Christensen has found the perfect warrior to carry out his off-the-books mission.

The James Reece audiobooks are read by the great Ray Porter, best known for his performance of Don Winslow’s “Power of the Dog” trilogy and for playing Darkseid in “Zack Snyder’s Justice League.”

We’ve got both the audio and print excerpts below.

Excerpt from ‘The Devil’s Hand’ by Jack Carr (2021)

The commander in chief pressed his knuckles into the oak timbers of the presidential desk, his left hand still bearing the scars from the Taliban bullet, the tinnitus in his ears from the IED reminding him that he’d never truly be at peace. That was okay. Peace was not what he was after.

He’d already read two of the files, front to back. They were stacked to his left. Alec looked down at the two remaining folders. One was labeled Executive Order 12333. He flipped to part two, paragraph thirteen: Prohibition on Assassination. His eyes scanned the section of the order, a version of which had been signed or strengthened by every president since Gerald Ford.

No person employed by or acting on behalf of the United States Government shall engage in or conspire to engage in assassination.

The president then shifted his gaze to the last file. It had been delivered by the CIA that morning and passed to the national security advisor, who in turn had placed it on the president’s desk. It was labeled DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE / TOP SECRET / SI-GAMMA / TK / HCS / RSV / KDK / NOFORN / HANDLE VIA EXECUTIVE CHANNELS ONLY.

Under those code words and control labels was a name: JAMES REECE.

The president flipped the page and began to read.

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