Get Your Classy Chassis Ready

Shopping for a new car

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Have a car you don't drive year-round? Maybe you've kept your convertible or classic collectible under wraps throughout the winter, but now's the time to get it primed for a spin. Here's a list of items from that should be checked by you or a reputable, certified mechanic.

  • Check under the hood for evidence of rodents, such as nests or chewed belts, hoses and wires.
  • Check for cracked or brittle rubber on windshield wipers and replace if necessary.
  • Check tire pressure and inflate tires to the recommended specs.
  • Make sure the brakes are working. Rust may have accumulated on the rotors or drums. In most cases, this should go away after you drive the vehicle for a short distance.
  • Check fluid levels to make sure there have been no leaks and refill as necessary.
  • Make sure the battery cable is connected and that battery terminals are clean.
  • Review your auto insurance coverage to make sure you and all your vehicles have adequate protection.

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