Driving at Night? Show Yourself!

Humvee with headlights on at night.

This content is provided courtesy of USAA.

When driving at night, you need to be able to see the road, and other drivers need to see you. Turn on your headlights as soon as daylight begins to fade. You might not need them yet, but it helps other drivers see you.

Also, take note of these tips:

  • Make sure all your car's exterior lights are working properly. Ask a friend or family member to check that brake lights, reverse lights and turn signals come on when you engage them. Fix any problems immediately. Replacement bulbs can be found at auto parts stores, and installing a new one could be an easy do-it-yourself job if you follow the owner's manual.
  • Wipe away any built-up dirt on your headlights that could obscure their brightness. If the headlight cover appears permanently cloudy, have it restored or replaced.
  • During night driving, if you notice that the direction of either headlight appears off, such as pointing to the side or not meeting the road, have a mechanic realign the lamps.

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