Car Shopping Tip: December is a Great Month to Buy a New Car

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Have you been kicking around the idea of buying a new car? Well you should know that according to, seven of the ten best days to buy a new car in 2011, based on the potential discount off of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), are found in the month of December! And the second best day to buy a new car in 2011 will fall on the last day of 2011 – December 31st. So if you’ve been playing around with the idea, it might be time to kick it into high gear so you can get a great discount. To find out more about how projects the best days to buy a car, click here.

Best Days to Buy a New Car in December 2011
Date Expected Average Discount
12/10/11 8.89%
12/24/11 8.66%
12/27/11 8.79%
12/28/11 8.69%
12/29/11 8.70%
12/30/11 8.88%
12/31/11 9.32%

Want to Buy a New Car Without Having to Haggle?

If you hate having to haggle for a new car, but you want to make sure you don’t overpay, be sure to visit the Auto Buying Center. We show you what other people paid for a particular new car (by make/model/options) in your area via car pricing information, then show fair, no-haggle prices from trusted Certified Dealers in your area – all without having to set foot in the dealership.

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