Refresh Your Zoom Game with 'Jack Ryan' and 'Hunters'

Everyone will want to know your mission when you use a "Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan" Zoom background. (Amazon Prime Video)

Some of us are almost three months into this quarantine life, and things that seemed new and exciting are starting to get a little tired.

Take Zoom. Admit it. You never heard of Zoom back in January, and now it is what you do all day. Some people have actually rearranged their houses to provide maximum Zoom background prestige, but most of us are either too tired or too lazy to mess with it.

Our friends at Amazon Prime understand and have generated some free Zoom backgrounds to help improve your videoconferencing appearance.

Of greatest interest is a background inspired by season two of "Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan." Want everyone to think you're fighting tin-pot dictators in South America and desperate for a helo to get you out of harm's way? Got to Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Twitter or Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan's Facebook page to download the image seen at the top of this post.

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Fool your friends with this Zoom background of Meyer Offerman's luxe apartment from the series "Hunters." (Amazon Prime Video)

Fans of the the 1970s Nazi hunters on the show "Hunters" get a variety of options, including the luxe mid-century modern living room suite pictured above. Go to the Hunters Twitter or the Hunters Facebook page.

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If you're looking for other options, Amazon Prime has also created backgrounds from other shows like "Bosch," "Fleabag," The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel," "Good Omens," "The Expanse," "Upload" and "The Boys." Check out the Amazon Prime Video Facebook page or each show's social media accounts.

How are you keeping your Zoom look vibrant? Is videoconferencing more exhausting than meeting in person? Give us your Zoom tips in the comments below.

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