Could Anything Be More Romantic Than a Valentine's Day Message from Sean Spicer?

Sean Spicer and Lindsay Arnold perform a Paso Doble on "Dancing With the Stars." (ABC)

It’s only been three months since Navy Reservist Sean Spicer captured America’s hearts with his surprising success on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.” Even though he didn’t quite make it to the finals, his fans kept him safe for weeks over the increasing complaints from the show’s professional judges.

So what’s next for a man who’s now far more famous as a dancing machine than he ever was as some guy who worked at the White House? Custom Valentine’s Day messages!

That’s right, for the discounted price of $199, Sean will record a personalized message to your beloved. As the man himself says, “What better way to say, 'I love you, I'm thinking of you,' this Valentine's Day than a video from me?"

Nothing says “romance” like the ability to spend $400 (retail) for what may seem a frivolous gesture. Your beloved never has to know about the discount and you’ll have a Spicey memory to later share with your grandchildren.

Sean isn’t pocketing the scratch he collects from this project. All proceeds go to the Independence Fund, a charity that provides wheelchairs and other mobility support to wounded veterans.

Spicer is offering his video romance service through Cameo, a company that connects athletes, actors, comics and reality stars with fans for paid video shoutouts. Prices start at just $5 (for former WWE Superstar Tony Ricca). Sean’s list price matches that of NFL legend Terry Bradshaw but it’s a bargain compared to the $2,500 fee required by Olympic gold medalist Caitlyn Jenner.

Sean’s sure to be busy in the final few hours before the holiday, so get your requests in right away. The Independence Fund deserves your $200 and your true love will just melt when Sean tells them just how much you care.

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