Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman's Amazing Immigrant Story

Alexander and Yevgeny Vindman are interviewed in Ken Burns' "Statue of Liberty" documentary in 1985. (PBS)

At a moment when Americans are debating the meaning and intent of Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman's testimony before Congress, it's a good time to consider the National Security Council adviser's amazing immigrant story.

Alexander and his twin brother Yevgeny turn up in Ken Burns' classic 1985 documentary "Statue of Liberty," a film that examines the history of the monument and legacy of immigrants who've entered the United States since its arrival.

The boys were 10 years old when Burns interviewed them. One brother tells the camera that they came from Russia, while the other says they're from Kyiv. "Our mother died, so we went to Italy and then we came here."

Burns tweeted Tuesday that he remembers "the Vindman boys fondly. Theirs is the story of America at its best." He also linked to a video clip that features the Vindman brothers.

Considering their Kyiv background, it's probably not a surprise that Alexander grew up to be one of the military's experts on Ukraine.

And let's not forget his brother Yevgeny, who's also serving in the Army and working as an NSC adviser in the Trump White House.

"Statue of Liberty" is available on DVD or as a digital purchase from both iTunes and Amazon Video.

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