Proof That 'Space Force' Has Launched

Steve Carell on the set of "Space Force." (Netflix)

A recent photo suggests that "Space Force," under the command of Gen. Mark R. Naird, has formally opened for business.

Wait, you say. That's "Space Force," the Netflix series created by the team who made "The Office" and starring Steve Carell. That's the back of Steve's head in the photo!

Sure, that might be true. But who's to say that "Space Force" the Netflix series and Space Force the military branch aren't one and the same?

The host of "The Apprentice" is our commander in chief. The most famous White House press secretary of all time is cutting a rug every week on "Dancing With the Stars." Why can't a Space Force succeed under a proven leader like Steve Carell?

Netflix announced the start of production with a tweet.

No word yet as to when "Space Force" will stream on Netflix or how Gen. Naird will implement his plans at the Pentagon.

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