Clip: Michael Chiklis and Bruce Willis Face a Heist Gone Wrong in '10 Minutes Gone'

Michael Chiklis stars in "10 Minutes Gone" (Lionsgate)

In "10 Minutes Gone" (opening in select theaters and available on demand Sept. 27), Rex (Bruce Willis) is a crime boss who hires Frank (Michael Chiklis) to pull off a massive jewel heist.

Someone tips the police, and Frank gets conked on the head. He wakes up 10 minutes later and finds the jewels gone. He's got to confront his crew one by one and figure out who betrayed him before Rex has him whacked.

We've got an exclusive clip from the movie below.

Since his breakthrough role as bent cop Vic Mackey on the classic series "The Shield," Chiklis hasn't focused on roles that let him be badass with a weapon. "10 Minutes Gone" looks like a step in the right direction. (If you've never seen "The Shield" or just haven't watched it since its 2000s run in FX, it's streaming now on Hulu.)

Check out the full trailer below:

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