Jack’s Back: Tom Clancy’s CIA Operative Returns With Season 2 on Amazon Prime

John Krasinski stars as the CIA operative in season 2 of "Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan." (Amazon)

Amazon Prime rebooted Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan character last year with a TV series that both abandoned the plots of Clancy's novels and yet somehow created a version of Jack that was closer in spirit to the novels than any of the Ryan movies that came before.

A lot of the credit goes to John Krasinski, who took the action hero chops he surprisingly showed in Michael Bay's "13 Hours" and added in a healthy dose of the stubborn (and sometimes annoying) righteousness that defines the novels.

Also contributing to the success was series co-creator and Marine veteran Graham Roland, the former "Lost" and "Prison Break" writer who brought his experience of post-9/11 warfare to help create a series that retained the character of Jack Ryan while placing him in the world of modern espionage.

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Amazon Prime dropped a teaser trailer for Season 2 over the weekend. You can watch it below.

It really is a tease because we get a taste of the new series, but we don't get a release date. Season One premiered on Aug. 31 last year, so that may be an indicator of when we'll get a chance to see these new episodes.

This time around, Ryan tracks a suspicious illegal arms shipment to the Venezuelan jungle and decides to investigate in person. There's a conflict with the Venezuelan president and an act of retribution that sends Jack and his team on a global mission that includes stops in the U.K., Russia and back home in the USA.

Amazon has already ordered season three of "Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan," so we know that Jack is almost certain to survive whatever conflict comes his way in this series.

Check back with us for more details as they become available.

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