'Miss Bala' Says, 'Let's Blow This Taco Stand'

Ismael Cruz Córdova and Gina Rodriguez star in "Miss Bala." (Sony)

The cartel thriller "Miss Bala" (out now on digital and available for Blu-ray & DVD on April 30) continues Hollywood's run of excellent action movies starring women. This time, Gina Rodriguez ("Jane the Virgin," "Deepwater Horizon") gets to kick some ass as she plays Gloria Fuentes, a Los Angeles makeup artist visiting her friend in Tijuana. Her friend gets kidnapped, and Gloria's forced to work with a cartel in an attempt to rescue her.

There's a shootout at a Mexican beauty pageant and tons of explosions. There are DEA agents galore, and the CIA shows up as well. Like the "Sicario" films, it's also a movie that gives American demand its share of responsibility for the drug trade that inflames our border issues.

We've got an exclusive home video bonus clip that gives the details behind a taco stand explosion early in the film. Director Catherine Hardwicke; stunt coordinators Justin Yu and Gerardo Moreno; and Alejandro Vazquez, the special effects supervisor, tell the story behind this explosive scene and reveal every detail that went into the execution.

"Miss Bala" is yet another action movie that's much better than its Rotten Tomatoes score or its box office might suggest. Rodriguez has skills and could carve out a career making this kind of movie.

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