Filing Your Taxes: Taxpayer Checklist


The IRS recommends taking a few minutes to double-check your tax forms before mailing them. You may save money and time in the long run. If forms are missing or your math is wrong, the tax package may be returned to you for correction. This could mean the tax return is considered late, penalties and interest could accrue, or your refund may be delayed.

  • Did I use the correct forms?
  • Is my arithmetic correct?
  • Is my Social Security number correct on all of the tax forms?
  • Are the Social Security numbers correct for the dependents I'm claiming?
  • Did I mark the proper box for the filing status?

Some of the items to check include:

  • Is my mailing address correct on the tax return?
  • Did I use the correct tax table or tax schedule for the tax rate?
  • If I am owed a refund, is the amount on the proper line?
  • If I owe additional taxes, did I enclose a money order or check for the correct amount?
  • Did I put my Social Security number on the check, and did I spell out "Internal Revenue Service?"
  • Did I sign and date the return?
  • If I am filing a joint federal tax return, did my spouse also sign and date the form?
  • If I am mailing the tax return, did I put enough postage on the envelope?
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