5 Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund Wisely

Saving money is in. Spending it like you don't have financial obligations is out. The recession forced many Americans to embrace this new frugality, and today a tax return is an opportunity to be financially responsible.In fact, a recent Bankrate.com poll found that out of 50 percent of Americans that expect to get a tax return, only 7 percent will use it pay for something fun, such as a vacation. Conversely, 84 percent will use it pay off debt, save or invest, or pay for everyday necessities. "I think it's a sign about how people feel about the economy and where we're going," says Bryan Pukoff, CPA in the Bankrate report. "There is still a lot of uncertainty out there."A tax refund can be a great way to pad your finances, and you should take every opportunity to spend it wisely. But, if you just can't decide how to spend the tax refund, talk to your on-base financial counselor or visit with a certified financial planner. These professionals can steer you down the right financial path.For more personal finance tips, visit Military.com's Finance channel
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