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Recent changes in creditor policies and the U.S. Bankruptcy laws created a tremendous financial burden for consumers. It is critical that Discount Debt raise awareness and increase education in regards to these areas. Often people make poor financial decisions because they are not aware of their options, and the result can be tragic especially for those facing financial hardship. If you have ever felt confused, embarrassed, or even uncertain of what steps to take in order to both eliminate debt and improve your credit, we, at Discount Debt, urge you take a few minutes to review this article and give yourself an opportunity to create financial independence.

Throughout the past several years Discount Debt has been worked with clients who have strong military ties to assist them with debt counseling, debt settlement, and credit restoration. They have enrolled a tremendous number of clients nationwide who are active duty, reserves, or members of military families which includes military veterans. In addition, last July Discount Debt was called upon to participate in a family day at the Headquarters for Service Company, 1st Battalion, 23rd Marine Regiment in Houston. They provided counseling to more than 500 Marines and their families and received a Certificate of Commendation from M.E. Hundley the Major and commanding officer at the base.

At a time when many Americans are overwhelmed with credit card debt, Discount Debt has created several options which are beneficial to almost everyone. Each program is designed to evaluate a person?s individual financial circumstances and determine the best program based upon a number of factors.

These factors include, but are not limited to:

  • total debt;
  • the number of creditors in the program;
  • the type of debt (credit cards, personal loans, medical bills, etc?);
  • and an individual?s current income which determines their ability to pay these debts.

It's more vital in this day and age to be credit worthy not only to qualify for home or car loans, but also because many employers check credit to ensure a higher quality job applicant.

Each Certified Financial Counselor at Discount has been trained to work with individuals and educate them in areas which have caused them financial distress. The affiliation with the military has allowed us to promote financial independence through education, counseling, and programs for those in desperate need of these services. If you are one of those people, call 1-800-913-0121 and allow one of their Certified Counselors to assist you. There is no better time to take the first step towards a positive financial future.

Discount Debt BioDDS is committed to working directly with creditors to provide relief from the monthly bills that keep most consumers from improving their quality of life. We have established relationships with thousands of creditors Nationwide and negotiate with these creditors to lower our client's payments, and get them out of debt as quickly as possible. By providing a Discounted Debt Counseling Program, we have created a solution that will give consumers relief from financial distress. For more information visit, the website at


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