Three Easy Ways to Avoid Overspending


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So I walked into Target the other day. I went in with a purpose. That purpose was to get exactly one thing. There was one thing that I needed, and that was all I was going to get. As soon as I walked in, three other items called to me...beckoning me to come hither and purchase. By the time I left Target, I had six extra items in addition to the one thing I went in for. happens even to the best of us, no matter how good our intentions are to not overspend. So here are a couple of tips to keep in mind this holiday season to help you keep more moolah in that pocket of yours, and more products on the shelves of the store.

1. Learn to develop the super-human power known as "tunnel-vision."

Yeah, that ability seems to escape me most days, but I'm working on it. Go in with your purpose and just don't look elsewhere. Avoid eye content with all products that should not be placed in your shopping cart.

The same goes for shopping online. Don't look! I see you over there browsing those deals on Amazon, even though your shopping list is completed. Don't do it! Let's start an anonymous support group. We'll get through this together!

2. No touchy!

Studies have shown that customers who actually pick up an item or try something on are more likely to buy said product. No touching, no buying. Seems simple enough...but those sock monkey slippers are just so cute and fuzzy shall resist...I'm not going to touch!

3. Have your list and use it, too.

Seriously, I save the most money when I have a very specific budget and list in hand. Couponing did wonders for my family. When I'm doing a couponing trip, I have a goal in mind...I am getting these specific items, using these coupons, and am going to walk out of the store spending xx.xx amount. It works like a charm! 

Just combine these three, and you should be well on your way to avoiding overspending. See you at our next "Overspenders Anonymous" meeting!

You can learn tips like this and more at a Couponing Class in your area. What are some of your tips for avoiding overspending this holiday season?

Crystal Collins is an Atlanta local, adventurer, a health advocate and thrifty as can be. Check her out on her blog

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