Thrift Savings Plan Makes Online Access Easier for Deployed Service Members

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The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) has made it easier for deployed military personnel to access their online accounts while deployed.

In November 2020, the TSP introduced two-step authentication to its website. This added security measure requires users to log in as normal, but then they must provide a six-digit security code that is sent to their mobile devices before accessing the secure area of the website.

However, military users soon reported issues with this setup. Deployed military members could not access their TSP information on the secure website, because there is no telephone service in many locations where military members serve, such as field operations or aboard ships.

After realizing the problem, TSP administrators made a change to the two-step authorization process. Military members can now authenticate their account using their .mil or personal email, rather than their phone number. The six-digit code will be sent to their registered email address rather than their telephone number.

Members of all six branches of the military will be able to access their TSP account by using this revised authentication process. The change affects both active-duty and reserve members. Government civilians and retirees are still required to use a phone number to validate their identity using two-step authentication.

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