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4 Steps to PCS Recovery


You’ve arrived to your new location and you’re ready to unpack, but now you’re encountering a new slew of problems. Your stuff isn’t there yet or maybe housing isn’t going to be ready for two extra weeks. But try not to worry too much, you can still work through some steps to PCS recovery.

Take that, Murphy’s Law

Everybody knows that the moment you buy something very expensive, like a new house or car, something with it will go horribly wrong. Show Murphy’s Law who is boss by being prepared with a great insurance policy that will cover you when that happens. Learn more here.

Turn to your back-up plan

Military families don’t leave home without a back-up plan, and you’re no different. Housing falls through? Household goods delivery delay for yet another two weeks? You know what to do next.

But sometimes life gets out of control, and even if you don’t have a full-on contingency plan for something, you have resources at your fingertips to make them work. The military is a small world, and now is a great time to see if any long lost friends are nearby. Chances are they will be eager to help you figure out the lay of the land — and where to find alternate lodging and the base lending closet. Definitely don’t know anyone nearby? Most bases have unofficial spouse Facebook pages rich with folks who are eager to point you in the right direction on any given question. Give it a try.

Keep on top of that protection

During a move you’re surrounded by things that need to be updated — billing addresses, credit card zip codes, kid shot records and more. Before any of that, give your insurance company a call to update your coverage to your new location. If something happens you want to make sure your coverage — renters, homeowner’s insurance, car, high value items or more — is completely current and tied to your new location. Learn more here.

Just breathe deeply

No matter what happens on your military move, you’re going to be OK. You’re a military family member — you’ve got this.

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