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Why Your Military Family Needs Insurance Now

A house damaged by Hurricane Sandy
U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Ryan J. Courtade

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Whether you’re nine or 90, insurance should be a staple in your life. Since birth, insurance has paved the way through your vaccinations, emergency room visits, your first car, first apartment and natural disasters. It's the thing that has protected you and your loved ones all along.

I have come a long way with understanding insurance and why we need it. Of course, when you are young and wild, the only insurance you want to buy is the minimum for your car. You never worried about the “what ifs.” Now that I am a parent and spouse, protecting everything around me has become second nature.

Foresee the Unforeseen

Family is first. In case of emergency like a natural disaster, have you given any thought to where you would go and how you would rebuild? In that last hour of the hurricane, in the moment of a car accident, in the aftermath of a fire, wouldn’t you rather focus your energy on your family instead of the financial?

Life happens, and sometimes things are simply out of our control. Thank goodness we thought ahead and said “yes” to homeowners insurance, full coverage car insurance, personal property insurance, home warranty insurance and Gap Insurance. No matter what happens to our home, car, or surroundings, we will be taken care of.

It Pays to Be Prepared

Aside from safety considerations, it’s smart to plan ahead and contemplate the corresponding financial consequences that arise from the unexpected. Did you know that car accidents, home fires or natural disasters can range in costs from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars? Without a backup plan (insurance coverage), you are looking to either be sued, to have to pay that amount out of pocket, to suffer deducted wages (in extreme circumstances), or lose the rest of your possessions.

Not to mention, there is the added emotional, mental and physical toll this could have on you and your family. Why put yourself and your family through these hardships? You don’t have to — all it takes is a little forethought, planning and proper insurance.

Talk to your insurance agent and see what policies fit best for you now, and what would cover you, your family and others in case of an accident. Maybe it's a ten thousand-dollar policy for $25 a month, or hey, maybe it is a million-dollar policy at $700 a month. It will vary for everyone based on situations, locations and personal preferences.

Do not let age stop you from thinking ahead. Get coverage now! Mother nature can throw a fit at any time. Do not leave your family unprotected to care for things afterward. Insurance of any kind is your safety net in life! To learn what Armed Forces Insurance can provide your family, please click here.

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