Buy Life Insurance for the Right Reasons - It's Not Complicated


Here?s one way to think about life insurance. Unlike health and other types of insurance you will NOT be the beneficiary from it. Someone else you designate will be the beneficiary. This thought helps to drive home a slightly different perspective in understanding why we should buy life insurance.

Usually a single individual without dependants, or anyone financially dependent on them, doesn?t need life insurance. The fact is even SGLI may be too much for someone single without dependants. They may really only need burial insurance or enough life insurance to cover final expenses.

If you have a family it is likely you need life insurance to provide financial protection for them. You should have enough life insurance to replace your income and to pay off most large bills including a house and car. Think about future expenses as well such as college educations for your children.

AAFMAA Membership Coordinators are professionals. They are not commission based. They don?t get paid to sell you more than you need or to sell you a whole life policy when you really need term.

AAFMAA is all about Low-Cost and Great Value. You know this because every penny we earn after expenses is returned to the members in the form of cash value additions, partial premium refunds and increased services. It?s the essence of our existence. One of our goals is to make sure AAFMAA?s Level Term insurance is the lowest cost term insurance available to military members today. And our permanent Value- Added Whole Life offers our members one of the premier products for building cash value in an insurance product today. It may just be the very best dollar for dollar.

So when the time is right for you to be considering purchasing life insurance, make sure AAFMAA is on your list of options. We encourage you to shop around and compare rates. When you need assistance, please call a Membership Coordinator toll-free at 1-877-398-2263. They?re waiting for your call. Or, you can fill out a simple form online and an AAFMAA Membership Coordinator will contact you.


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