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Protect Your Identity to Protect Your Life

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Your identity is the one thing you can’t afford to lose! There was a time when identity theft was as simple as a worker at a restaurant or store taking your credit information and running up charges. It was annoying and could even cause some damage to your credit, but it couldn’t derail your life. Unfortunately in today’s modern era of electronic banking, bill pay and more, identity theft can mean a total hijacking of your life. Protect your identity to protect your life, because today, it IS your life.

Tips To Protect Your Identity

All it takes is one nefarious individual finding a piece of information to practically ruin your life. That’s because when a person steals your identity, he or she has access to your credit, bank accounts, and the ability to open up new accounts, all the while draining your existing funds and racking up new charges that you’ll be stuck with. That’s why identity theft protection is key. Here are some ways you can help protect your identity from all the crooks waiting out there:

Invest In Identity Theft Protection

First and foremost, invest in identity theft protection services. These services actively guard your identity and credit against theft and other forms of hijacking, like opening up fraudulent accounts. If anything ever does slip through the cracks, identify theft protection services will help you rectify the problem.

Be Selective In Online Shopping

Only make purchases through reputable retailers if you use a credit or debit card to shop online. Look for trusted retailer names and never use credit or debit card information on websites that are not secure. You’ll know they’re secure because most sites will say that they are SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protected.

Never Give Anyone Your Social Security Information

Unless you are at a store and your card is being run, never give out that number! And never, ever give your social security information to anyone who is not serving a company in an official capacity. For example, you will have to give your social security number on a job application or financial statement. That’s as far as it should ever go. Never just give your information to a customer service agent or the like.

Protect Your Accounts

Create account passwords that are difficult to replicate and give each account a different password. Making them difficult to replicate makes your account harder to hack. Using a different password for each account means that your other accounts are protected in case one becomes compromised.

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Protect Your Identity With The Tools At AFI

Armed Forces Insurance (AFI) has been protecting the financial future of its customers for over 130 years and helping safeguard against identity theft. From insurance information to fraud protection to information on PTSD and more, AFI is committed to helping those in the armed forces protect themselves and their family with quality insurance as well as the knowledge they need to keep other aspects of their lives protected and on track. If you’re in the military, give AFI a look. Learn more.

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