Keeping Your Home Safe While on Vacation

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One of the best things about the holiday season is visiting family, which often means we have to go on vacation to do so. I love to go on vacations - it’s my favorite hobby. For my family, planning a trip somewhere involves making preparations to keep our home safe while we are away. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to help protect your home.

The Easy Steps

Protecting your home can be as simple as making sure all of your doors and windows are locked before leaving for vacation. It is also important to not leave a spare key hidden outside where it may easily be found. Instead, leave an extra key for emergencies with a trusted friend. If you live in an area that is prone to natural disasters and will be away without anyone house sitting, it’s a good idea to take appropriate precautions such as securing loose items outside.

Enlist Some Help

Having a house sitter can be great way to ensure that your home is safe while you are away. If any incidents arise, such as a long-term power outage or flooding, you will know right away.

Make sure your renter or home insurance is up to date and accurate so that you will be protected and covered in the case of any unexpected, unfortunate events. We recently had a 21-hour power outage and lost all the food in our fridge and freezer. Fortunately, our Renter Insurance covered the cost of replacing all of that food. We were lucky that we were home during the outage, because I can’t imagine the mess we would have come home to if we had been on vacation and no one was checking on the house.

Keep It Quiet

While social media is all the rage, it’s best not to advertise that you’re away while on vacation. Even if you have a house sitter, be mindful that he or she may not want the surprise of unexpected visitors casing your house to see what goods you have inside. Even posting photos that showcase you’re not in the local area can tip off potential intruders to the fact that your house is unattended. It is best to share your vacation excitement by posting photos and recaps to social media after you return.

Whether it's a home insurance policy that covers theft, coverage of your property, or protecting your valuables while you're deployed, there's a custom insurance solution that's right for your military family.  

Don't Wait Until Theft or Disaster Strikes

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