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A Happy & Safe Holiday Season for Your Pets

Dog with flowers. Photo via Pixabay.

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The excitement of the holidays often accompanies the presence of items that may not be safe for your pet, so make sure you know your pets and what may tempt them. Take measures to prevent any dangerous incidents before they happen.

Chocolate/Poisonous Foods

One common temptation for pets during the holiday season is chocolate. We had a dog get under the tree and unwrap a present to eat the chocolate (that we didn’t know was in it) while we were out grocery shopping. Another time our Westie snuck into our daughter’s room to eat her chocolate Easter bunny, which resulted in him getting sick all over the house. If you know your dog can’t resist certain items, make sure those items are out of his reach.


Certain holiday plants, like poinsettias, can also be harmful to animals if ingested. Keep plants out of reach if your pets are tempted to nibble on them, or opt for faux plants instead.


Don’t forget about discarded animal bones. Keep the trash and tempting bones away from pets that will mistake them fora tasty treat. No one wants to spend the holiday season hanging out at the vet’s office with a sick pet.


Holiday travel and boarding your pets or leaving them with a sitter can be intimidating. To ease the stress and worry, make a plan in advance for who will take great care of your furry loved ones. Don’t be afraid to check in on how your pets are handling the separation. We’ve been away for the holidays many times while leaving our Westie with a pet sitter. One year he received a significant knee injury, and when we arrived home a few weeks later he was unable to even walk on the injured leg. We spent many days visiting the vet and getting him back to his normal self, which caused extra stress during that time of year.

Protect Your Pet

Unexpected costs can add up quickly during the holiday season, especially if you’re traveling out of town. You don’t want to have to decide whether or not to treat your pet’s health issues because of money concerns. Pet Health Insurance ensures that unexpected financial situations during expensive times of the year won’t prevent your pets from getting the help or treatment they need.

If you’re interested in making sure that your pet is protected from any holiday incidents and that you’re protected from extra expenses during an already expensive time of year, check out AFI’s Pet Health Coverage. You can find out more about AFI’s Pet Health Insurance and get a quote HERE.

May your holiday season be happy, healthy, and stress-free!

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