8 Tips for Selling Your Home Over the Holidays

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So, you’re one of the few with orders to PCS this winter, you’ve decided to sell your home, the holidays are here and now you’re stressed. You know from experience that most people buy and sell homes during the spring and summer, but that certainly doesn’t mean your home can’t sell over the holidays.

In fact, even though there are fewer people looking for homes, you’re likely to find more motivated buyers during the winter. And you’re at a huge advantage when other home sellers take their property off the market during the holidays, and your property is the one attracting attention.

Though you don’t need to worry, there are a few things you should know as you prepare to sell your home over the holidays.

1) Don’t overdo your holiday decor

Although Christmas decor makes your home look pretty and festive, it can also make your home appear cluttered. Try to keep holiday decorations to a minimum, as buyers will want to envision their own lives in the space.

Since you want your home to have a nice flow, make sure your Christmas tree is somewhere that it doesn’t block any walkways or dominate the room. You may even consider using a small tabletop tree this year instead.

2) Remove clutter

Removing clutter can be much harder over the holidays than other times of the year. Over Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year, we acquire things and it can be difficult to make room for both the new and the old. Go ahead and pack up all your off season decor, non-necessities and personal items. You can expect potential buyers to look in every closet, cupboard, nook and cranny, so if you can, rent a small storage unit and keep the extra items contained there.

3) Focus on curb appeal

Unless you live in a tropical area or there’s a fluffy blanket of snow covering the ground, your landscaping won’t make a great impression. However, you can put a few decorations outside and maintain the overall cleanliness.

Potential buyers can tell how well you tend to the home by looking at the leaves left over from fall, broken or overflowing gutters, loose railings and faded trim. Take some time to fix anything broken, manicure the yard and repaint necessary trim, front door or mailbox.

4) Price appropriately

During the holidays, homebuyers are less interested in spending time negotiating and more interested in closing quickly. Listing your home at a lower price will attract these motivated buyers and keep you from spending your holidays entertaining who are willing to wait a few months for a lower price.

5) Use quality, non-holiday photos in your online ad

Quality photos are always a must, but if you’re selling your home during the winter, be sure to include photos of your home taken during other seasons.

6) Target motivated sellers

Find other military families or others relocating for work on a similar timeline as you. Advertise your home online with MilitaryByOwner and other sites, but use every other method as well. Put up yard signs, place ads in your local businesses and share on your base’s social media for incoming military families.

7) Be available

No one wants to spend their holiday season opening the door to strangers so they can snoop around, but your availability is key. Keep your home guest ready and have a plan in motion to either vacate or show the property at a moment’s notice.

8) Offer incentives

If you’re on a short timeline, you might consider offering incentives. For example, offer to cover closing costs or even make repairs or updates if requested.

If you’re preparing for a holiday PCS move, download MilitaryByOwner’s cheat sheet for more holiday home selling tips!

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