Should I Have Renters Insurance in Military Housing?

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Upon arriving at our current assignment, my spouse and I joined the military installation's Facebook group. We've found this popular social media platform a helpful online resource. Newcomers ask questions and seasoned residents share advice.

One young newbie recently asked, “Do I need renters insurance living on base?”

With that question in mind, consider the following scenarios.

Everyday Mishaps

“So, I said to the guy...” With animated hand gestures, the captivating story my friend was telling had reached a pivotal moment. Then, it happened. The open bottle of red wine toppled over. As if in slow motion, a raging river of scarlet Merlot sloshed across the standard government beige carpet of the living room.

Even with hasty clean up, the stubborn trail of this remarkable stain remained. With a PCS ahead, I feared we wouldn't pass the move-out inspection. Then, like a knight in shining armor, my renters insurance policy came to the rescue! If the housing office charges us for new carpeting, we can submit a claim to assist with the expense.

Power Outages

The last few days, the summertime sunshine has been intense. Of course, the day after making a grocery run to restock the refrigerator, we lost power.

With a quick call to our insurance provider, I was able to explain the situation. By sharing an estimate of how much we had spent on the groceries that were now spoiled, we were able to file a claim. Without delay, our renters insurance policy helped us recoup the loss.


After a productive morning of doing laundry, I had just sat down with my tablet and a cup of coffee. Next thing I knew, our neighbor in the unit below was angrily knocking on our door. Apparently, our washing machine had leaked down through his ceiling. What a mess! Thankfully, our renters insurance policy includes liability coverage. By submitting a claim, we were able to help cover the damages to our neighbor's property.

No matter if renting in the local community or residing in military installation housing, it may be in your own best interest to have renters insurance coverage.

Coverage Beyond Your Residence

  • If someone breaks into your vehicle and valuables are stolen
  • If damage occurs to your belongings while in a storage unit
  • If anything happens to your household goods during a PCS shipment.

A renters insurance policy may cover your property even if your goods may be located beyond your address.


A renters insurance policy may back you up with liability coverage. According to USAA, your policy may cover

  • If someone slips and falls in your home during a party
  • If your pet injures someone in the park
  • If your child hits a baseball through a neighbor's window.

Bottom line? A renter’s insurance policy may be handy to have on your side if a situation with a potential lawsuit could arise.

As with any policy, you'll probably prefer to tailor your insurance to fit your needs. For example, if you own valuable jewelry or expensive electronics, you may want to tack on additional coverage to a policy.

No matter the value of your goods, in this whirlwind of military life it may be a good idea to add a sense of security. The coverage that a renters insurance policy provides can offer priceless peace of mind.

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