Spring Home Maintenance for Your Home’s Exterior

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The weather says spring is here, meteorologically speaking. You might have spring break vacations on your mind, but your house is probably in need of a spring spruce-up. Treat yourself to a trip after the house is prepped and ready for the warm seasons ahead.

The exterior of your house takes a beating over the winter season. Once the snow melts, a thorough investigation of the complete exterior is necessary to stop further damage and prevent small problems from turning into catastrophes when the spring and summer storms come in full force. Homeowners know all too well that water damage is a huge contributor to costly repairs.

Three likely culprits related to water should be examined and repaired ASAP.

Gutters, Roof, and Foundation

Thoroughly clean and remove any debris from gutters. Use a hose to check water flow from the top to the bottom spout. Inadequate cleaning increases the chances of heavy overflows, which will damage landscaping and potentially degrade the foundation. Downspout extensions are a good idea to push gutter flow further away from the house.

The roof is the home’s first layer of protection from the elements, but only if in good condition. Shingles should be in correct alignment and without wear. Skylights are often subject to leaking and require an intense look at the seams and openings to be sure water isn’t seeping through. Animals who nest in and on roof access will damage the area. Be sure to remove any previous nesting spots.

Water is commonly found in basements and can ruin the usable space quickly. Investigating any cracks or watermarks on the exterior as well as the walls or ceilings inside might lead to professional water remediation and foundation repair, but this type of moisture intrusion cannot be ignored. It will not only damage the basement’s usability but will bring dangerous mold into the equation. Sump pump and dehumidifier functions and filters need monthly attention as well.

Outdoor Living Space

Not only does the cold weather contribute to unsightly grime and build up on the exterior of the house, the accessories needed to enjoy outdoor space require attention, too.

  • Professional pressure washing for the house and the surrounding decks, porches, and walkways is suggested upkeep every couple of years.
  • Patio furniture, if left uncovered, needs scrubbing. The same goes for the decorative cushions. Replace the cushions if they’ve faded or have irremovable mildew stains.
  • Reattach hoses that were stored over the winter.
  • Outdoor kitchens and grills need a good scouring and possibly a paint job. Look for spray paint specifically formulated to tolerate high heat. Don’t forget to replace the grates if damaged from regular use.
  • Decorative items such as planters and hanging baskets require repairs and cleaning.

As with most homeownership chores, exterior spring maintenance is an overwhelming job for a single weekend. It’s best to tackle tasks in a logical order, depending on the time you have available to complete. Remember that professionals are taking appointments from other homeowners who need the same repairs and updates as you, so don’t put it off!

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